I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ, but I'm originally from Texas. I'm proud to be a TEXAN and appreciate everything from our beautiful sunsets to the gorgeous open fields and the community of people who genuinely care for one another.

I have two teenagers, and we're avid travelers. Some of our favorite destinations include Cape Cod, Thousand Islands, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and upstate New York. Traveling is my LOVE LANGUAGE because it allows me to see the beauty in the world around us.

As a photographer, I make it a priority to research all the best places for fun photographs and the perfect wardrobe for not only my personal photographs, but for clients too! I've found that my clients have the best time creating magical memories while traveling with us.

When I'm not traveling, I love enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch during sunrise. If I had 100 acres of land, I would keep ALL the animals from our sessions. I'm the friend you can always count on for a last-minute fun idea. I LIVE for girls’ trips and love a good self-improvement book. As a business owner, sharing my love of life and photography with my clients through photographs of their family brings me SO MUCH JOY.

Your Fun-Loving Children, Family & Animal Experience Photographer

I'm Jessica


’m so excited you’re here! Get to know me as your family photographer...
Capturing your family's memories is my DREAM JOB! When my clients call me "their family's photographer," it's the BEST COMPLIMENT I could receive.


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Fun Fact, I only hang Black & White Portraits in my home!

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Family is EVERYTHING to me, and I believe it's the same for you. As time goes by, your family will grow and change, and I want to be there to capture those PRECIOUS MOMENTS that you'll cherish forever. The memory of your children's first steps, your first family photo, the first school year, adopting a family pet, their tween & teen years, their senior year, and everything in between, I would be honored to document your journey and create beautiful heirloom images. As my own family grows, I find comfort in the portraits we've captured over the years, preserving our memories for generations to come. Let me be the one to curate your family's legacy images, a TREASURE you'll hold dear for a lifetime.

My Teens!

DFW family & Children fine art photographer

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As a passionate traveler, my heart swells with excitement at the prospect of exploring new destinations and experiencing all they have to offer. Researching each location in detail, I carefully plan to fit in every bucket list activity, capturing every moment with my camera.

Capturing epic portraits of my clients in unique locations is my favorite part of the journey. My recent journey to all of the US national parks was a transformative experience, filling me with awe at the majestic beauty of our country. The Utah parks, in particular, captured my heart, with their stunning landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas. I’ve also chased waterfalls throughout the eastern US, filling my heart with a sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world. Photography isn't just a job to me; it's a soulful passion.

We LOVE to go to beaches!

Traveling Fine Art Portrait Photographer

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I cannot imagine my life without my beloved dogs. To me, they're not just pets, but members of my family. They bring so much joy, laughter, and unconditional love into my life, and I feel truly blessed to have them by my side.
One of my favorite activities is taking my furry companions to the park. Watching them run, jump, and play is an absolute delight. Seeing the sheer happiness in their eyes is enough to make any bad day instantly better. And when we’re lucky enough to go on family trips, I wouldn't dream of leaving them behind. It's a great experience to explore new places and create unforgettable memories with my four-legged friends.
Of course, spoiling them with treats and cuddles is a given. They deserve nothing but the best, and I relish every moment spent snuggling with them on the couch. And when they're looking particularly adorable, I can't resist capturing the moment with my camera. Every snapshot is a reminder of the love and happiness they bring into my life.
My dogs may not be human, but they are so much more than just animals to me. They are my family, my friends, and my constant companions. I’m grateful for every moment spent with them and will continue to love and appreciate them for as long as they are in my life.

Our Dogs Are Part of our family!

Pet Fine Art Portrait Photographer

My Favorite ThingS

WOW! Jessica captured the most beautiful pictures of our daughter with the unicorn Stardust. The dresses she provides are so pretty. I am so happy with our pictures and will definitely be booking a future session with her :)

Mansfield, Texas

Lynn Family

Love Jessica and her staff! We have been using Jessica for over 5 years now and always love the end product! Her whole process runs seamlessly from start to finish and is very customer friendly. Jessica continues to have a great repour with my kids which makes the pictures come out even better!

Arlington, Texas

Burkhart Family

Jessica is great! We were so thrilled with our Modern Studios Photography shoot! She captured beautiful & magical photos of my daughter with the "unicorn". She is now editing them to make them even more fairytale like and printing some custom pieces that we can hang in our home and cherish for years to come! Her work is truly art! My daughter loves dressing up in the gorgeous dresses she offers as well! She is very professional and easy to work with! I highly recommend her services! Thank you!

dalworthington gardens, texas

Lewis Family

Jessica is absolutely amazing! Her work is art and you can see her passion in every picture she takes! Her photo shoots are so much fun! You not only get to have your pictures taken but you get to have an amazing experience! She loves to bring in all sorts of fun animals! We have done 35 photo shoots with her over the past almost 5 years and I will continue to do more and more as long as my kids will let me!


Kopplin Family

We are happy returning customers that keep coming back! Jessica has taken our pictures for almost six years and they are always beyond amazing! She will be our photographer for as long as she will put up with us! Thanks for the many years of awesome photos!!!!

fort worth, texas

Ferris Family

Jessica made the whole process fun and easy! The photo session was great, she would give us direction on what to do and got some beautiful photos….my teens even enjoyed the process!! I met with Jessica online to go over the photos and pick the best ones, which was hard because they were ALL great. My edited images were ready quickly and they looked fantastic! I highly recommend Jessica and Modern Studios Photography!

fort worth, texas

Boyd Family

Jessica is amazing!!! The photo shoots she offers are always so magical for my grandkids! From Santa and reindeer to unicorns, sloths, monkeys, llamas and kangaroos...the pics are amazing and the experience is always magical! We definitely recommend Jessica to capture these special memories!!!

dalworthington gardens, texas

Dorton Family

The communication is top notch! We had the best time at the shoot. The photos are going to be absolutely amazing . She picked the perfect outfit and location!

grapevine, texas

Hunt Family

When I tell you Jessica is beyond amazing I mean it! She is super patient kind and just an absolute joy to be around. My son felt comfortable with her and her staff was very professional. The pictures of him turned out beautifully! The place she picked out worked perfectly with the look we need for him to shine. She is quick to respond and truly cares! We will use her again . Thank you thank you!!!!

cedar hill, texas

Turley Family

I can not say enough good things about Jessica and her helpers. Every time is such an amazing experience that keeps us coming back year after year. Emma and Frazier's photos were the best. I highly highly recommend her for all your needs.

arlington, texas

Lasater Family


You Deserve the best

When selecting a photographer, it's important to choose one who truly cares about your family in the present moment.
For me, my clients aren’t just customers, they become a part of my family.

I take great joy in capturing the moments of your children growing up and your family's journey through my lens.

My photos are more than just pictures; they tell the UNIQUE STORY of your family, preserving your legacy for generations to come. These cherished memories will be treasured possessions that you and your loved ones can revisit time and time again.

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