Ghoulishly Glamorous: DFW Couture Halloween Photography Magic

Girl in black dress with skeleton horse posing for Couture Halloween Photography

Does your child look forward to Halloween each year? Sweater weather, carving pumpkins, and dressing up for Halloween are some of our favorite things about this time of year. At Modern Studios Photography, we understand the excitement of finding the perfect costume. But often, kids really only end up wearing it once. You can change that this year by booking a Couture Halloween Photography session with us! Let your child wear their costume before Halloween, boosting their confidence and creating fun spooky memories. This session is perfect for families who love Halloween without too much creepiness. Your kids will want to do it every year!

Enchanting Halloween Memories For Kids and Families!

Halloween Costume and Fall Mini Session – For All Ages!

Our Halloween Costume and Fall Mini Session is a delightful experience for kids of all ages. Your child can showcase their Halloween costume in a fun and scary session, and then switch into a favorite fall outfit for genuine smile portraits. Perfect for holiday cards to share with loved ones, these portraits create a beautiful keepsake of your child’s journey through childhood. This package includes five Fine Art Hand-Edited Images. These images are priceless, and they’ll stay with you and your family forever. This session is not just for the children, it’s also for the parents who put so much energy into giving the best for their kids.

Girl in black dress holding lantern with skeleton horse

Dive into the Mystique of Our Couture Halloween Photography Experience

For true Halloween enthusiasts who adore the scary and edgy, our Couture Halloween Photography Experience is a dream come true! The session features couture gowns enhanced by smoke bombs and large skulls, creating a spine-chilling atmosphere. We can also arrange for our black horse to be painted as a skeleton to create a supernatural encounter. We work our magic to bring these portraits to life, giving you an experience that will leave you spellbound!

Unleash Your Inner Halloween Fanatic!

Our Couture Halloween Experience is tailored for children aged six and up who revel in the Halloween spirit. We offer a stunning range of couture and boutique gowns up to teen size 14 for participants at a $50 rental fee. You can see the rest of our couture gowns available HERE. The combination of eerie smoke bombs and exquisite couture gowns results in breathtakingly beautiful and thrilling portraits, perfect for the Halloween season! Our high-quality couture raven wings add an extra touch of enchantment.

Girl in black dress sitting on skull reading to skeleton horse

A Halloween Princess with Couture Raven Wings

Your child will feel like a Halloween Queen with our couture raven wings that strap to the back of our gowns. These life-size wings add an extraordinary touch to the portraits, creating an aura of mystery and elegance. With every click of the camera, your child’s Halloween dreams will come to life, and you’ll have portraits to cherish forever.

Halloween Fun That Lasts a Lifetime

Halloween is a special time for kids and families alike, a celebration of imagination and creativity. Our Halloween portrait sessions are more than just capturing costumes and fall-themed outfits; they are about creating fun and joyful childhood memories. As your little ones grow, these portraits will become cherished memories that you can look back on with amusement.

Spooky girl with skeleton horse Halloween photoshoot

Don’t miss out on these unforgettable Halloween portrait experiences! Whether you prefer the sweetness of Halloween costumes and fall themes or crave the edgy mystique of the Couture Halloween Photography Experience, we’ve got the perfect session for you. All the details, including available dates, can be found HERE. Capture the magic of Halloween and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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