Beyond Imagination: DFW Fine Art Unicorn Photography Experience

A young girl in a pink dress hugging a unicorn in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Did you know that Scotland’s National Animal is the Unicorn? At Modern Studios Photography, we offer captivating Fine Art Unicorn Photography Sessions that capture the awe and beauty of these mythical creatures along with the pure joy and wonder on your child’s face. The magic captured in these portraits will leave your guests amazed.

3 Experiences With Our Dallas and Fort Worth Fine Art Unicorn Photographers

“Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn. Then, always be a unicorn.” -Jaime Murray

Unicorn Birthday Party Celebration

Unicorns are beautiful and majestic, and every little girl dreams of having one. We love unicorns at Modern Studios Photography! Planning an enchanted unicorn-themed birthday party? We’re here to help! Here are a couple of ways to make your celebration truly magical:

  1. Create a magical atmosphere with unicorn decorations.
    In our eyes, the most important aspect of a party is the decorations! Amazon and Party City offer a wide range of affordable and adorable unicorn-themed decorations. Look for party sets that include colorful balloons, backdrops, tablecloths, plates, napkins, and other unique decorations. And don’t forget the cherry on top of your decorations—a Unicorn Portrait featuring our majestic unicorn, Stardust! You can use these portraits for invitations, as a cake image, and even display your portrait on an easel at the party. Your guests will stop and admire this magical centerpiece.
  2. Give this imaginative experience as a gift.
    Our Dallas and Fort Worth Fine Art Unicorn Portrait Experience is the perfect gift for any unicorn lover. We provide a curated collection of over 150 princess gowns, crowns, and accessories to make your child look and feel like a true fairytale princess. During the session, your child will have the opportunity to meet Stardust the Unicorn, enjoying snuggles, hugs, and even a few kisses. Our photographers will capture these precious moments that you’ll cherish for years to come. These portraits are perfect for hanging in their bedroom or playroom, preserving the magic of their childhood.

A young girl in a pink tutu and floral headband hugs a unicorn


A Whimsical Unicorn Tea Party Experience

Have you ever dreamed of having a tea party with a unicorn? Our exclusive Unicorn Portraits with Stardust the Unicorn can make that dream come true. Stardust the Unicorn makes for the perfect tea-sipping guest in the ultimate fantasy tea party for little girls.

You can even bring along a special friend, whether it’s a stuffed animal, Mom, Dad, or a sibling, to create adorable family portraits you’ll treasure for a lifetime. These portraits will preserve the magical memories of your tea party forever.

*Please note that Unicorn Tea Parties will be available in the Spring Only! Unicorn Portraits are available in the Spring, Summer & Fall. Contact us today to book your DFW fine art unicorn photography experience!

Young girl in a rainbow dress kissing a unicorn during dallas fort worth fine art unicorn photography experience

DFW Fine Art Unicorn Photography Experiences for Teens and Tweens

Unicorn portraits aren’t just for little girls! We have our unicorn pony, Stardust, for girls from ages 2 through 7, but we recommend our gentle and majestic horse, Ms. Kitty, for girls older than 7. This is not only an experience for your child, but also a cherished memory for you.

Our portraits contain just the right amount of class and magic, sure to have your guests saying WOW! Allow us to capture a fantastical experience for your older child or tween/teen with our fine art unicorn photography.

Girl in pink dress laying on a unicorn's back posing for fine art photoshoot

Making Dreams Come True

At Modern Studios Photography, we take pride in making dreams come true. Unicorn Sessions are the perfect milestone experience for your daughter’s birthday or any special occasion. The excitement and joy of meeting a real unicorn like Stardust is incomparable.

Unicorn Portrait Sessions are available in the spring, summer, and fall, with specific dates from February to November. With a Dallas and Fort Worth fine art unicorn photographer at Modern Studios Photography, we can capture the most magical moments in stunning portraits, preserving the joy and innocence of their unicorn-loving age.

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