Fun Spots for Your Fort Worth Kids to Safely Grow & Play

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Fort Worth is an incredible place to raise kids. We are a community that values family and strives to provide an environment where parents can raise well-rounded kiddos that will ultimately grow into well-rounded grown-ups. These four kid-friendly Fort Worth businesses dedicate themselves to providing our kids a place to learn, grow, and play – something every parent is always searching for. Check out these places dedicated to Fort Worth kids if you haven’t already!

4 Places for Fort Worth Kids to Burn Energy & Make Awesome Memories

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Play Street Museum

Play Street Museum came to fruition to be the ultimate place where children can do exactly what they do best – play! In fact, studies show that children need to play on a daily basis. While a good education and structure are important, play is critical to teaching important life and socialization skills. Equipped with that knowledge, Play Street Museum has created a space where toddlers and kids up to 8 can explore, interact, and engage with immersive exhibits and activities. 

Your child will get to put their imagination to good use while pretending to be a doctor and giving their friends a check-up, caring for pets at the pet shop, and practicing their hero skills saving the day at the fire station. Whether you visit with friends or make new ones as you play, Play Street Museum is the perfect place for kids to develop important social skills and build confidence. Many of their events and activities rotate weekly, so there’s always something new to explore!

You can visit Play Street Museum during a scheduled playtime with a reservation or for a party or celebration! You can either come in with your own party theme idea or take advantage of one of their adorable prepared themes that revolve around popular subjects like trains, mermaids, dinosaurs, rocket ships, farm animals, and so many more. 

Are you interested in taking a sensory approach to learning and play? Play Street Museum has many arts and crafts activities, like painting pottery or canvas or making ooey gooey slime in the Slime Lab!

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The Little Gym

As a parent of a little one (or little ones), you are probably aware of the astonishing amount of energy those little bodies can generate. Having a place where a kid can move their bodies and burn off some of that energy is critical to their physical and emotional development, and The Little Gym is the perfect spot to do just that. 

The Little Gym of Fort Worth SW was purchased in 2017 by the McGehee family after experiencing the program as members first with their children. They saw how special it was to watch their children leave more confident, prouder, and happier after having a place to move, play, and be a kid. Now they ensure that every kid who walks through their doors has the opportunity to feel loved and celebrated for who they are! 

The Little Gym believes in a Three-Dimensional Learning approach: Get Moving (“developing strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and coordination”), Brain Boost (“nurturing listening skills, imagination, concentration, and decision-making”), and Citizen Kid (“promoting sharing, teamwork, cooperation, and leadership”).

Simply put, The Little Gym believes kids should be able to act like kids, providing them with unique programs that revolve around active play and developing key skills. Whether gymnastics, music, dance, or tumbling, The Little Gym provides kids with a nurturing, supportive, and fun environment to move, play, and learn.

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The PlaySpace

The PlaySpace is a fun, safe environment for kids ages six weeks to 10 years old to play, be social, and learn while their parents are away for the day. Technically categorized as “part-time childcare,” PlaySpace provides drop-off play care with a purpose. Your kiddo will participate in active free play that engages their socialization skills and enriches emotional, mental, and physical development with creative activities and lots of imagination! 

Upscale and still affordable, The PlaySpace is an hourly drop-in play care center. Whether you need to step away for an hour or two or a full afternoon, you won’t have to worry about your child in the slightest, knowing they are under the supervision of trained and experienced childcare professionals. 

The PlaySpace has indoor and outdoor play areas, jungle gyms, and activity stations where kids can flex creative muscles and put their imaginations to good use. They also host parties for kid-friendly celebrations and events that raise money for local charities and organizations.

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Kid Mania

Kid Mania is a huge family fun center perfect for kids of all ages. Their arcade has the latest video games and popular arcade games for kids to play, and as they go, they’ll earn “Prize Points,” which they can redeem for cool prizes at the end of the day! Plus, prizes are constantly changing, so there’s always something new to earn whenever you come back to play. 

For kids looking for a more physical approach to play, “ManiaMaze” is the way to go. Kids will participate in healthy exercise and sharpen motor skills while taking on the 5-level modern playground that stands over 25 feet high and 280 feet long! They’ll use their imagination as they embark on quests for treasure, explore caves and crawl through tunnels, and embark on some pretty epic adventures. Plus, all that playing gives them plenty of opportunities to make new friends and practice important socialization skills. 

Open every day, it’s also one of the safest and most secure spots for fun in North Texas. You and your child will receive matching hand stamps from the moment you arrive. Plus, all doors are staffed by well-trained attendants that provide security in addition to exits equipped with safety alarms. All of these efforts to keep kids safe mean that you, as an adult, can sit back and relax (maybe in the adults-only lounge, complete with massage chairs and free Wi-Fi!) while your kiddo plays. 

Once you’ve built up an appetite, check out the full menu restaurant on the premises for food that kids and grown-ups will both love!

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Fort Worth Kids

If you haven’t yet had the chance to visit these awesome organizations dedicated to Fort Worth kids, I highly recommend you do! You’ll love watching your kids learn, play, and grow, all in the safety of our lovely community. Check them out, and let me know what you think! 

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