Fort Worth Toy Stores for Whimsically Entertaining Products

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I think it’s pretty safe to admit most kids’ toys these days were not invented with parents’ sanity in mind. Between the bright lights, loud volume, and the sounds that repeat themselves a million times in a row, keeping your nursery full of these plastic toys becomes less appealing by the second. This is why every parent needs a list of toy stores that will provide something that doesn’t require batteries and a bottle of Excedrin migraine. If you’ve been trying to find a spot that provides the perfect combination of entertainment and…well…silence for your child’s development, I would love to tell you about some of my favorite Fort Worth toy stores. With any of these fantastic spots, your child can learn and play while you can finally unclench your jaw. 

5 Fort Worth Toy Stores to Let Your Child’s Imagination Roam Free

The Happy Lark

The Happy Lark is a woman-owned business by sisters Caitlin Deville and Suzanne Fluke. The two women started the business to provide families around Fort Worth with modern toys that sparked kids’ imaginations while ceaselessly entertaining. The store has been recognized again and again by publications such as Fort Worth Magazine and DFWBaby as one of the best toy stores in the entire city. With a huge selection and passionate employees, it’s no wonder why! 

The Happy Lark carries items from some of the best brands out there. From extensive Brio train sets to Kid Made Modern craft kits, they have many products to keep your little one entertained. Their educational toys are engaging and gorgeous. Their wooden puzzles look beautiful on a shelf while providing endless excitement. While you’re there, be sure to check out their book section! The Happy Lark has a wide variety of books that cover everything from Egyptian mummies to figures such as Harriet Tubman. It’s the best place around for nurturing your child’s mind!

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Griff’s Gift Shop

Griff’s Gift Shop is the kind of store that feels like it was pulled straight from the pages of a storybook. Seriously, anything you can dream of, Griff’s has it! The shop stands out in the Tom Thumb Shopping Center with its blue and white awnings. When you walk inside, you’ll find shelf after shelf of toys, collectibles, and specialty candies. This family-owned shop knows exactly what kids want and works to be a dream come true. 

The store has a ton of collectibles for both kids and parents. You can find retired Lego sets, rare Pokemon cards, and vintage Star Wars collectibles. The store allows you to mix and match different candies to take home. And while all this sets the shop apart, one of my favorite aspects is how Griff’s Gift Shop highlights local artists. The store carries items created by different people in the community. From crocheted characters to handmade jewelry, Griff’s cares about bringing out the best in the community.

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Rogue Brick

For nearly 100 years, Lego sets have been a favorite for both kids and parents alike. These marvelous toys provide unlimited hours of entertainment. Whether your family loves following instructions or building something new from scratch, being near a great Lego shop is a total game-changer. If this sounds like something your child will like, it’s time to check out Rogue Brick! You can come to the shop, buy a set, and leave, but I think the best part of the shop happens when you hang around!

The store provides memberships and day passes to let your kid come in and build whatever they can think of. They can try out unique sets, or they can follow their heart. The store has potential for every age and gives your little one a chance to try before they buy. The tables are spaced out, and the bricks are regularly cleaned. It’s the perfect place to come for an afternoon or host a Lego lover’s birthday party!

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Bkids is a favorite amongst Fort Worth families for many reasons. This locally-owned Texas boutique has some of the most high-quality clothing in the entire city. Whether you’re shopping for your infant or are trying to get something for your hard-to-please tween, Bkids has it. And while their clothing is fantastic, I’m here to tell you all about their fabulous toy selection! 

Bkids has a great combination of novelty toys and trending items. You can find luxurious bath bombs, groovy lava lamps, and teeny tiny T-Rex arms you can put on your fingers. The shop has a huge selection of plushes for every kid. You can also find craft kits that let you make things like tie-dye shirts or gorgeous sand art. The store also has a great candy section with every sweet imaginable. Bkids is the ideal stop on a fun-packed shopping date!

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Is there anything more classic than Build-A-Bear? Since the store was first founded in 1997 in St. Louis, it’s been a beloved place for kids to celebrate major events like holidays, graduations, and birthday parties. The Fort Worth location is no exception! 

Located in Hulen Mall, Build-A-Bear allows children to create their new best friends. When they come in, they’ll get to select what kind of animal they want to create. The shop has everything from zebras and bears to unicorns and dinosaurs! Your child will get to fill their animal with stuffing before picking out things such as clothing and accessories. They can even put a recording in the bear to help them remember the day! If you’re looking for a wonderful way to let your child be creative while making memories, Build-A-Bear is the perfect shop!

Fort Worth Toy Stores

If you’re finding yourself annoyed with the toy selection you find at most big box stores, it’s time to check out these Fort Worth toy stores. These specialty shops have the products your little one will adore while giving your house the peace and quiet you so desperately want. 

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