Kid Activities Arlington TX for The Most Adventurous Day!

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Are you looking for something fun to do with your little ones? There are so many fun kid activities in Arlington, TX, that your entire family will love. Be sure to check them out today! 

Most Exciting Kid Activities in Arlington, TX

River Legacy Nature Center

You definitely want to catch the River Legacy Nature Center for a fun activity with the kids in Arlington, TX. With over 12,000 square feet, the nature center has many special events throughout the year, including nature school, summer camp, and various programs where kids can learn about the environment. The River Legacy Nature Center features interactive exhibits and technology that allow your little ones to learn all about the woodland environment that surrounds the nature center. You can spend an entire day at the nature center learning all about nature by exploring activities, terrariums, and the trails all around outside. For a super fun day learning and having fun, check out the River Legacy Nature Center. 

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Six Flags

Theme parks are one of the best kid activities in Arlington, TX, and Six Flags will not disappoint. From thrilling roller coasters to the best shows, to delicious restaurants, and of course, themed shopping, Six Flags has something for everyone of all ages. There are many different rides, from heart-pumping thrill rides to family rides that everyone can enjoy together to rides specially made for the little ones. They have tons of live shows and entertainment; you will laugh at every joke and sing along to every tune. They have different events throughout the changing seasons, so you will experience something new every time you visit. Your entire family will have a blast, so check out Six Flags when you visit Arlington. 

Free Play Arlington

Kids love playing video games, so why not spend the day playing with your little ones? Free Play is a unique kids’ activity in Arlington, TX, where you and your family can spend the day playing games together. They have over 130 retro arcade games and pinball machines that you can choose from. You pay one flat price, and you can play all day long! They also have a cafe with delicious treats, so you can grab a snack when you need a break from games. Kids can be there all day, but at night it is just for the adults, so be sure to spend the day with your little ones at Free Play Arlington. 

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Breakout Games

We have all heard of escape rooms, but what about an escape room that is an exclusive kid activity in Arlington, TX? That is right; Breakout Games is the number one escape room where the entire family can participate. For about 60 minutes, the entire family can experience an immersive activity in which you and your family will work together to find your way out! There will be exciting challenges and games that everyone can play to reach the final goal. For a great way to spend the day inside while having fun solving problems, check out this fun kids’ activity in Arlington, Texas, today! 

UTA Planetarium

The UTA Planetarium is one of the largest planetariums in Texas. The entire family can enjoy many fun kids’ activities in Arlington, TX. The planetarium is located at The University of Texas in Arlington and is an experience like no other. Your little ones can see a 60ft dome projection that allows you to see the sky, solar system, and distant galaxies. They offer many different shows throughout the season, so check their website to see what awesome shows you can see with the entire family! 

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Alley Cats

Alley Cats offers indoor and outdoor kids activities in Arlington, TX, that everyone in the family will love. There are so many activities at Alley Cats where you and your little ones will spend all day having fun. Alley Cats has arcade games where you can win tickets for prizes, bowling with neon lights, classic mini-golf, batting cages, rock wall climbing, laser tag, go-karts, and a whole bunch of outdoor carnival rides. You can spend an entire day at Alley Cats and keep coming back, as you will always find something fun and new to try! 

Go Ape

Go Ape is a kids’ activity in Arlington, TX, that you definitely want to attend! When you visit Go Ape, you will have an outdoor experience like no other. Your entire family will tackle obstacles, explore trees from new heights, and fly around from tree to tree. There are many different tree-top zip lines and obstacle courses for all ages and skill levels at Go Ape. It is a great way to spend the day outdoors, have fun, and explore nature. When the weather is excellent, visit Go Ape, as you cannot miss this adventure kids activity in Arlington, TX. 

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Kid Activities Arlington TX

With so many fun places to go and so little time, check out all these amazingly entertaining kid activities in Arlington, TX, for the entire family today! 

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