Midlothian Pediatricians With Expert Teams & Caregivers

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As a parent, keeping your kids healthy is of the utmost importance. After all, a healthy kid is a successful kid! But it takes a village to ensure your child’s wellness journey is smooth and best suited for their needs. The right pediatrician can make all the difference! Here in town, we are lucky to have several Midlothian pediatricians dedicated to keeping our community’s kids happy, healthy, and thriving. Here are a few of the best!

3 Midlothian Pediatricians With Comfortable Facilities & Knowledgeable Staff

Lone Star Kidz

Lone Star Kidz is a family-run practice with an emphasis on personalized care. Their two pediatricians, Dr. Kola and Dr. Dasari, are parents themselves. They fully understand that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to pediatrics and that each child is on a unique, individualized path to health and wellness. 

Whether your child is a newborn or in their late teens, Lone Star Kidz can help them stay healthy with:

  • wellness exams and immunizations,
  • asthma and allergy testing,
  • ADHD evaluations,
  • sports physicals, and
  • more.

Need a medical opinion after-hours? For a small flat fee, Lone Star Kidz provides telehealth services as needed. Their doctors will help support your child physically and mentally, ensuring that they are well cared for and able to take on all day-to-day life challenges and celebrations!

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Pressley Pediatrics

Cynthia Pressley, aka Dr. Cindy, is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner who proudly leads her practice with a commitment to caring for Midlothian kids. She has been working in pediatrics for nearly 30 years, and the kids she once cared for as patients are now bringing their own children to see her as patients! 

This generational care represents the Pressley Pediatrics mission statement: “Bringing care and healing the pediatric patient and their family by safely and emotionally treating all their needs for today, tomorrow, and many generations to come.” Dr. Cindy and her team provide services like:

  • annual wellness exams,
  • routine vaccinations,
  • summer camp and sports physicals,
  • specialist referrals, and
  • sick visits for when your kiddo isn’t feeling their best.

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Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic

Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic (LBU) was founded in 1971 to serve quality care to all people in the Midlothian community, providing “a safe, affordable, and accessible healthcare experience.” Today their diverse and bilingual team of doctors proudly treats all of their young patients with the compassion and respect they deserve, preventing illness and promoting health. 

The pediatric practice resides in the LBU clinic on the West Dallas campus. And provides not only pediatric care but dental care for kids, too! LBU can help keep your child happy and healthy with the following:

  • well-child exams,
  • acute care,
  • chronic disease management, and
  • basic lab work.

A mother sits on a red velvet chair with her newborn son in her lap midlothian pediatricians

Midlothian Pediatricians 

If you want a new Midlothian pediatrician, check out Lone Star Kidz, Pressley Pediatrics, and LBU. Their teams will help you make sure your child stays healthy and that you have the support you need to ensure your kiddo has everything they need for a long, happy life.

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